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Web Application

Our Web Application

Proman web application have individual login for Admin, Employees, Owners and Tenants. Web application is more convenient for employees handle their daily building management activities. There are different dashboards designed for different roles where they can see the necessary details.

As it is cloud based system no need of any other software installation. You need only the latest web browser to access our web portal.

Features of web applications:

User Role

PPMS have individual login for:


  • Only one Super admin for one property, who all complete access of the system
  • In case of any wrong input, only super admin has access to edit the entry.


  • Have access to all the daily activities
  • Able to monitor and control the employees


  • Able to manage the owner, tenant and property details
  • Monitoring public and private complaint
  • Create official letters


  • Access to input Electric and water reading
  • Complain management system

Accountant / Cashier / Finance

  • To enter payment receipts, purchase details, employee salaries and other expenses
  • Upload invoice to Bank
  • Make monthly financial reports, Ledger and journal entries
  • Prepare Balance statement


  • Document and packet distribution via sms


  • Item in / Item Out
  • Visitors entry


  • Able to monitor all the unit under one login
  • Able to view and receive Invoice and receipt


  • Able to login and see the invoice, receipt
  • Able to create complaint

Our Additional Features

“No more mistakes in your monthly invoice and over all report”

Bulk Email, Whatsapp and SMS

Monthly invoice, Payment Receipt, Payment Reminders, Warning Letter and Circulars can be send automatically / manual.

Status for Email, Whatsapp and SMS Blast

Delivery Report will be generated automatically.


Tenant / Owner can deposit the amount on their unit name. Invoice amount will be deducted from the deposit amount on monthly basis.

Tenant and property details

Data of tenant and property detail will be saved and archived once leave the unit.

Renovation Unit

Able to create the official letters

Record for item in and out

If any items enter / exit the property it will we ecorded

Rental Agreement

Basic rental details are recorded

Vacancy information

Able to view the status of units.

Balance sheet

Balance sheet will be generated automatically.

Profit and loss statement

Profit and loss statement will be generated automatically on monthly basis.

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